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Gujarati wooden block set

Gujarati wooden block set

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Introducing our all-natural wooden Gujarati block set, a perfect tool for teaching language and cultural appreciation to children. Crafted with love and care, these blocks are made from high-quality, sustainably sourced wood, ensuring durability and safety for little hands.

Each block features a beautifully carved Gujarati letter on two sides, accompanied by a corresponding image that represents the sound of each letter. This unique combination of visual and auditory learning aids in developing language skills and phonetic awareness. The set includes all letters of the Gujarati alphabet (vowels are all on 2 blocks and do not come with images), allowing children to explore the language in a hands on way  

Why is teaching language important? Language is the key to communication, self-expression, and understanding the world around us. By introducing children to different languages, we open doors to diverse cultures, fostering empathy, and promoting inclusivity. Learning Gujarati not only connects children to their heritage but also encourages multiculturalism and global awareness.

Our all-natural wooden Gujarati block set is designed to make language learning fun and interactive. It encourages children to explore, build, and create while developing their linguistic abilities. Whether used at home, in schools, or language centers, these blocks serve as a valuable educational tool that promotes cultural appreciation and language proficiency. 


19 block set 

Maple wood, covered in a beeswax blend

Blocks are approximately 1.4” 

Laser engraved design, will not peel  


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